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Position: Sales

Job requirements:

1. Secondary vocational school diploma or above, have food and daily necessities industry sales experience, possess own customer and sales    channels of priority;

2. Quick-witted, with strong customer communication skills and presentation skills, mature negotiation skills and communication skills;

3. With good teamwork and communication skills, good performance of public relations activities and a good sense of customer service;

4. Have a certain degree of market analysis insight and judge ability, possess a certain marketing knowledge and skills;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit., can withstand the pressure of work.

Job responsibilities:

1. The sales position, under the leadership and supervision of superiors to complete the quantitative work requirements and tasks on a        regular basis, and be able to independently handle and solve the task entrusted;

2. Responsible for developing the domestic market, developing new customers and sales channels, making sales plans and programs;

3. Maintain the customer relationships, deal with the after-sales service, establish and manage sales force;

4. Collect sales channel information to improve sales strategy;

5. Coordinate with relevant departments to complete other tasks assigned by the leaders;

6. Comply with company policy and implementation on the ground.

Position: Cashier

Job requirements:

1, accounting related professional, technical secondary school or above

2, holding accounting certificate, with more than 1 years working experience in cashier

3, skilled use of office software

4, familiar with the national financial policy, accounting rules and regulations, to understand the banking institutions and procedures

5 have good professional ethics and communication skills

6 strong sense of responsibility, steadfast dedication, rigorous and patient.

Job responsibilities:

1, strictly comply with and implement the company's financial management system

2, responsible for the company's daily expenses reimbursement

3 responsible for the daily cash, bank deposit check, timely registration of cash and bank deposit journal

4 daily check cash, daily and monthly, ensure consistent accounts

5 the preservation of petty cash

6 for banking business

7 other matters assigned by the superior leadership.

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